Tire testing services

Winter tire testing

We use the most advanced, proven and reliable measurement equipment. The quality and reliability of the test results are continuously monitored.

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Summer tire testing

To ensure the best result in all aspects of tire testing we cooperate with several proving grounds and facilities around Europe.

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Tire approval

We provide ISO 19447 certified ice grip performance tests efficiently and with high reliability.

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Road wear testing

As an approved expert, we provide type approval and development tests to confirm that your product meets its target.

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Finas certiticate


BD Testing is a testing laboratory T274 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement ISO/IEC 17025. BD Testing is also an approved expert HA-012, approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, TRAFI.

We are dedicated to confidentiality, reliability and efficiency in providing tire developers with all necessary testing services. Our guiding aim is to always help our customers find the best solution in any tire testing issues.


Winter tire testing.
New exclusive testing environment for long-term tire testing
Ice tire test.
The new EU label reveals if your tires are ice-proof