Rigorous Winter Tire Testing

Testing is a critical part of the tire development process and the only way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tire’s performance.

Benchmark tests indicate the tire’s performance compared to other brands, and development tests show the performance differences of prototype versions. Test results serve as information tools for the tire developers, guiding them to create a product that meets its targets and performs exactly as it should, in all circumstances.


Winter roads can be unpredictable

– so your tires must not.

Winter tire tests for all needs

We offer our customers a wide scope of testing activities for winter tires. These include both objective tests, such as braking, acceleration, aquaplaning and noise measurement tests, and subjective handling tests. In addition to the standard tests, we offer a number of special tests, such as road wear test for studded tires, stud force and protrusion measurement, and stud retention testing, as well as performance testing for TBR and OTR tires. The winter performance tests are conducted on snowy and icy tracks, and on wet and dry asphalt.

Our standard testing procedure meets the highest requirements of the tire industry, yet it also allows customer specifications. We are using the most advanced and reliable proven measurement equipment, and we continuously monitor and evaluate the quality of the test results.


Finas certiticate


BD Testing is a testing laboratory T274 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement ISO/IEC 17025. BD Testing is also an approved expert HA-012, approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, TRAFI.

Our approach is to work confidentially, reliably and efficiently to provide tire developers with the necessary testing services. We are working to help our customers find the best solutions in all kinds of tire testing issues.