New exclusive testing environment for long-term tire testing

BD Testing’s new tire testing environment strengthens the company’s position as a full-range test service provider and a specialist in harsh, northern driving conditions.

BD Testing has established a new testing environment to offer its customers a comprehensive service experience in tire testing. The new testing environment, located in northern Sweden, ensures regular and undisturbed testing activities all year round, from year to year.

We are delighted to offer our customers a high-end tire testing environment for continuous, long-term testing, says Vice President Ismo Halén.

From the company’s point of view, the new tire testing environment helps meet the constantly increasing demand in outdoor testing caused by the new, tightened tire regulations, especially in the EU area.

Strategically, this investment also supports our strong presence in northern Europe and highlights our competence in the field of winter tire testing.

The new testing environment is spread over a large area in northern Sweden, providing a variety of different tracks for various conditions, as well as fully equipped workshops and other facilities. BD Testing’s customers have full access to the tire testing services all year round.