The new EU label reveals if your tires are ice-proof

As the first region in the world, Europe has started using an ice grip label for tires in order to enhance the comparison of winter tires. In Nordic countries, good ice grip is crucial for safe winter driving, while in Central Europe, wet grip is typically more important. The renewed EU tire label, effective since May, now has a pictogram for both.

The new ice grip icon can be included on the EU label of a passenger car tire which satisfies the minimum ice grip index values set out in the ISO 19447 standard. This is tested by measuring the tire’s braking distance on pure ice and comparing it with that of a standard reference test tire.

As an independent and approved testing company, BD Testing provides tire manufacturers with all essential tests for tire development. These include the accredited ice grip performance test based on the ISO 19447 standard. It can be conducted all year round. As an option to mere testing, tire manufacturers can choose a full-service package, provided by BD Testing and its group company Black Donuts. In addition to the test report, the tire manufacturer then receives a thorough analysis and an optional development plan in case the test results are not as desired.

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Ismo Halén, Vice President