Tire Testing Professionals At Your Service

BD Testing is best known for professional and reliable tire testing and a high-end customer service. Let our team serve you in all areas of tire testing, both in- and outdoor.

Independent and intelligent tire testing

BD Testing is an independent testing company, making us agile and efficient in our operations. All our customers get the most professional and respectful service with the highest confidentiality. Our dedicated team of tire testing professionals have an extensive experience in all tire testing environments: from laboratories to test tracks and from hot summer roads to the most demanding northern winter conditions. With our advanced technologies and procedures, we can evaluate tire performance reliably and accurately, and our fully equipped facilities enable smooth tire preparation and indoor testing. Cooperating with the best European proving grounds, we are ready to test your tires at any time of the year. We are also constantly expanding our network of facilities and developing new services in order to be your first choice today and tomorrow.

Finas certiticate


BD Testing is a testing laboratory T274 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement ISO/IEC 17025. BD Testing is also an approved expert HA-012, approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, TRAFI.

Our approach in tire testing is based on three main priorities: confidentiality, reliability, and efficiency. We serve tire developers in all tire testing needs, helping our customers find the best solution and service for their unique needs.