Jyrimatti Ekholm appointed Test Driver

Jyrimatti Ekholm has been appointed Test Driver as of October 2021. He is a passionate automotive professional and tire enthusiast with a vast understanding of car and tire performance.

As a test driver, Jyrimatti’s tasks include objective tests, tire approval testing, and tire fitting.

On the day of our interview, he has already driven more than 500 kilometres.

I was conducting overrun tests. It means driving repeatedly over specially manufactured stones that are precisely weighed before and after the test. The weight loss of the stones describes the road wear effect of the tire.

Both his professional and personal background have provided Jyrimatti with a vast understanding of the tires’ role in safe and economical driving. From the tire design, compounds and manufacture to the assembly with proper air pressures and tread depth, the tires have a great impact on car performance.

The tires play an ultimate role in the overall driving experience.

So, how does a test driver recharge his own batteries after a busy day? Well, he drives some more. As an active drift enthusiast, Jyrimatti spends most of his free time on the various drift tracks all over Finland. His favourite tracks are those with the highest speeds – of course.